My work is a slow reveal: it amazes with its realism and demands we look at faces that otherwise we might choose to ignore. Communicating a powerful message, my figurative sculpture forces a spotlight on the elderly, a segment of society so ignored as to be invisible. Tucked away in nursing homes and hospitals, the aged remind us of our own mortality and the inescapable march of time.

By carefully observing and recording the memory map of wrinkles found on their faces and forms, my sculpture records the inner personalities of these elders, through the details of their body. Honoring each human being with a dignity that is hard to deny, my art seeks to celebrate the beauty, individuality, and life experience of each model, as I reveal their magnificent soul. My ceramic sculptures act as three-dimensional canvases and by painting the figures, I satisfy my artistic hunger on multiple levels, while building another layer of expression. The addition of mixed media allows for even more artistic freedom while challenging the mind to be critical and selective. Every choice of materials needs to make sense artistically and visually.